About the Bail-In Tracker

The “Bail-In Tracker” is a joint project of the Research Center SAFE and the German business daily Börsen-Zeitung. It aims to provide information about the applicability of the new European bail-in regulation laid out in the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD). Part of the project is the collection of publicly available information on the amount of outstanding subordinated debt of 36 large European banks headquartered in 15 European countries. This data is made publicly available in a regularly updated graph. The “Bail-In Tracker” shall build a bridge between academic research and journalism and enhance the general understanding of the bail-in topic. The project was funded by the VolkswagenStiftung in the context of the project “Science and Data Journalism”.

Media Reports

Date Title Source
28.10.16 ,,Der ultimative Test findet erst beim realen Bail-in statt‘‘ Börsen-Zeitung
28.10.16 Verrat am Verantwortungsprinzip Börsen-Zeitung
26.07.16 Homepage "Bail-In Tracker" online Börsen-Zeitung
18.06.16 Vermarktung von Bail-in-Papieren überwachen Börsen-Zeitung
04.03.16 Das Bail-In-Projekt Börsen-Zeitung