Prof. Martin Götz, Ph.D. is SAFE Professor for Regulation and Stability of Financial Institutions. In the context of the project "Bail-In Tracker" he provides economic expertise and is responsible for the construction of the data set and the empirical analyses.

Prof. Dr. Tobias Tröger is SAFE Professor for Civil Law, Business and Economic Law and Legal Theory. In the context of the project "Bail-In Tracker" he is responsible for the legal analysis and interpretation of the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD) as well as for the legal classification of banks’ debt as bail-inable or not bail-inable.

Stephan Lorz is Head of the Economy and Economic Policy Desk in the Börsen-Zeitung. In the context of the project “Bail-In Tracker” he accompanies the scientific process from a media perspective and fosters the access of the general public to the problems of financial stability through regular media coverage of the project’s progress.

Former Team Members

Ivelina Dimitrova was Editorial Assistant and responsible for the content of the website and the visualization tool “Bail-In Tracker”.

Dominik Hirschbühl assisted the economic research.

Theresa Kreft assisted the legal research.

Gerrit Tönningsen assisted the legal research.